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Meet Antonio

Hi, my name is Antonio Zenere. I was born in Italy and lived there for most of my life. I moved to the US in 1988. I worked and studied at the University of Georgia for many years, and in 2003 I received a Doctorate in Food Science.


I have always had a great love for good food, especially good Italian food! In 2004 I opened a deli/grocery store in Athens, GA specializing in imported Italian products, such as meats, cheeses, pasta, olive oils, etc.


In 2006 I decided to start making my own pasta, and imported a pasta machine from Italy. I started making tagliatelle and ravioli. When I decided to close the store, I sold all the equipment...all but the pasta machine.

There are many different types of pasta machines. Some can do most of the process automatically. Just drop in the flour, the eggs and some water, and when the dough is ready you push some buttons and you start seeing pasta dropping out. These machines are good when you have to make tons of pasta for big stores. 


My machine, however, works by sheeting. It mixes the dough, but then I have to pass it slowly through 2 cylinders to make the sheet of pasta. And I have to repeat the operation several times with the 2 cylinders closer and closer until the desired thickness is reached. Then the sheet needs to be cut to make tagliatelle, pappardelle or ravioli. It is a lot of work.


But the continuous intervention by the operator guarantees that the quality is the best possible (and that the operator stays fit!).


As I say to my customers, my pasta is nothing magic. It is the same they can do at home with one of those little table machines they can buy for $50, if they have a source of good flour, semolina and know a farmer that can sell them eggs. The problem is that the operation takes so many hours that usually you never do it again.


Well, I can take over from there. And you can focus on making a good sauce, with the confidence that somebody else has taken great care in making the best possible pasta that your family will enjoy.


Buon appetito! 


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